Teresa Rafael, MSW
Executive Director
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Maureen Hollocker, MPA
National Training Director
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Jim McKay
Public Policy Director
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Meryl Levine, MSSA, ACSW
National Director of Parent Partnerships​
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Gretchen Test, MSW
Director of Operations and Development
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Corey B. Best
Parent Consultant
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Dee Bonnick
Parent Consultant
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Chloe Corrion, MSEd
Administrative Assistant
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Kara Georgi, MSEd
Parent Partnership Associate
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Dara Griffen
Master Trainer
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Heather Hicks
Master Trainer
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Trish Hallmark
Business Operations Administration​
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Michael Huesca
Parent Consultant
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Sofia Santillana
Senior Associate
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Shrounda Selivanoff
Parent Consultant​
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Robyn Robbins
Parent Consultant
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Jody Rodgers
Parent Consultant
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LaCrisha Rose
Parent Partnership Associate
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