Partnering with Parents to Ensure Supportive Communities Where Families and Children Thrive

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Announcing the release of our newest publication:

What Parents Say About…
Supporting Families Rather than Reporting Them: Changing Mandated Reporting Policies and Practices.

This important and timely publication elevates the voices of parents with life experiences involving the mandated reporting system. Parents are speaking out about how mandated reporting can cause trauma to children and families. This brief is designed to inform policymakers, child welfare leaders and other stakeholders about critical issues surrounding mandated reporting.

Preventing child maltreatment is more than a family matter.

Children’s Trust Fund Alliance’s Areas of Focus

Children's Trust Fund Alliance: Building Healthy Communities

Building Healthy Communities

The Alliance works to strengthen prevention in systems and organizations that impact families so that children grow up nurtured, healthy and free from harm.

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Childrens Trust Funds

Children's Trust Funds

The Children’s Trust Fund Alliance is the national membership organization for state Children’s Trust and Prevention Funds.

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Children's Trust Fund Alliance: Partnering with Parents

Partnering with Parents

The Alliance models parent partnerships and provides support to other mission–related organizations in developing and strengthening parent partnerships.


Children's Trust Fund Alliance: Preventing Child Neglect

Preventing Child Neglect

With the support of tools, training and other resources, the Alliance’s research provides a solid foundation for discussing how to prevent child neglect in the 21st century.

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Children's Trust Fund Alliance:<br />
Protective Factors for Children

Protective Factors

The Alliance and Children’s Trust Funds across the country lead the way in developing effective implementation strategies, training and resources for a protective factors approach in working with families.


Public Policy

The Alliance and state Children’s Trust Funds promote the well-being of children by engaging the general public and influencing national systems and organizations that impact children, families and communities.

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Video Overview of Alliance Website

Hear Teresa Rafael, Executive Director of  Children’s Trust Fund Alliance, discuss some of the great resources and materials available on our website. Teresa shares information about our state children trust fund members, our work with parents, our protective factors training and our preventing child neglect resources. Listen to the 2-minute video and enjoy exploring our website. Click HERE to access the video on YouTube.