The Alliance works with multiple parent groups, including the Alliance National Parent Partnership Council (ANPPC), the Birth Parent National Network (BPNN) and the Birth and Foster Parent Partnership (BFPP).  We also honor all of the work that our members do to partner with parents at the state and community level. The Alliance’s parent organizations generate and create, both individually and collaboratively, many resources that share their parent voice. It is our hope that the resources you find here will help you share and celebrate Parent Voice!

What Gets Your Wheels Spinning?

This fun one-page resource celebrates the voice of parents and how families are going positive places in their lives by building protective factors through everyday actions. The flip side offers suggestions for ways you can begin down this path by taking action today. Download it HERE.

INTRODUCING: ANPPC need2know Parent-to-Parent Resources and Spanish Translations

ANPPC Adds 2 NEW need2know Parent Tools

The Alliance National Parent Partnership Council (ANPPC) introduces two new need2know protective factor infographics: Concrete Support in Times of Need and Social and Emotional Competence of Children.

To create these tools, the ANPPC conducted interviews and surveys of parents to find out what actually works and how they are using the protective factors in their everyday lives. For the Concrete Support in Times of Need infographic, the ANPPC asked parents to share a time that was stressful for their family and who helped them achieve a good outcome. All of the examples given by parents showed the key to achieving a good outcome were the people who actually showed up to provide concrete support and a listening ear. There were so many wonderful examples that the ANPPC created a special “example” supplement: Parents Share Examples of Concrete Support.

The back of each of the new and old infographic shows how the protective factor fits within the framework – how they all work together to help make families strong! Also, featured on the flipside is how parent groups across the country have defined the protective factor.

These two tools complete the suite of parent-to-parent infographics that share parent strategies on how they use strength-based protective factors in their everyday lives. They join Parental Resilience, Social Connections and Knowledge of Parenting and Child Development, which can be found and downloaded in the RESOURCES section on the ANPPC page.

NEW Spanish need2know Infographics

We are pleased to announce the ANPPC need2know infographics are being translated into Spanish. Currently, Parental Resilience, Knowledge of Parenting and Child Development and Social Connections are available to download in Spanish. For the English infographics, visit the ANPPC page RESOURCES section. In addition to the need2know infographics, their corresponding social media memes/images have been translated and are available to download and distribute.

need2know Parent Resources:
Just-in-Time Tools

LaCrisha Rose and Victoria Hilt, the co-chairs of the Alliance National Parent Partnership Council (ANPPC), introduced the new need2know parent resources at the virtual Prevent Child Abuse America (PCAA) national conference in August. They shared how the ANPPC developed the entire suite of “just-in-time” tools and ways to use them.

Zoom Recording: (40:31 minutes)

Images Linking to the New ANPPC Parent Resources

To promote the two new need2know protective factors infographics, the ANPPC created images for you to share on your social media and with your networks.

Download the images

The images available to download are JPEGs.  Web links are not live in a JPEG, so be sure to include the link provided with the image when sharing on social media.

Concrete Support in Times of Need

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The Alliance National Parent Partnership Council has been collecting concrete examples of how parents across the country access the concrete support they need to handle the challenges they face. Explore the full Concrete Support in Times of Need tool on the Alliance website at:


Social and Emotional Competence of Children

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The Alliance National Parent Partnership Council has been collecting concrete examples of how parents across the country build and support their children’s healthy social and emotional development. Explore the full Social and Emotional Competence of Children tool on the Alliance website at:


ALLIANCE RESILIENCY PROJECT: Keeping Families Strong During COVID-19

Many families across our nation struggled – and are still struggling – because of the evolving impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. To support parents during this national crisis, the Children’s Trust Fund Alliance developed the Alliance Resiliency Project. We are partnering with Casey Family Programs to provide a trusted and supportive resource to almost 400 parents who are members of the Birth Parent National Network (BPNN), the Birth Parent Advisory Committee (BPAC) and the Birth and Foster Parent Partnership (BFPP).

Families are doing their best to manage their fear and stress and to reduce the trauma being experienced by their children – but they need help. Flexible funding through the Alliance Resiliency Project helped support families and filled gaps not met by other resources. The importance of the support for concrete needs cannot be overstated. Often, these funds provided safety and security when all other options had been exhausted and the ability to help stabilize family situations has made a powerful, lasting and important difference in the lives of many families. 

TouchPoint Parents

TouchPoint Parents work with and support parents in the BPNN, the BPAC and the BFPP. They help parents with such concrete needs as accessing technology, financial assistance and linking to resources in their community or state. Parents are encouraged to join the Caring Conversations to connect with other parents for information and support.

Caring Conversations

Although the Alliance Resiliency Project grant period ended June 30, 2021, the Alliance is continuing to hold Caring Conversations every Monday at Noon CT for parents to share with each other how they are getting through this time of COVID, what supports they need and what creative ways they have found to make the most of this trying situation. Register HERE to participate in the next Caring Conversation.

Register for Caring Conversations

Alliance Resiliency Project Report

The Alliance compiled a full report on the project when the grant period ended June 30, 2021. The report – Alliance Resiliency Project: A Model for Flexible Funding to Support Families – contains lessons learned and was featured during the Alliance presentation at the PCAA virtual conference in August.

Download Project Report

The Alliance Resiliency Project: A Model for Flexible Funding to Support Families

At the Prevent Child Abuse America virtual conference in August, Children’s Trust Fund Alliance staff and parents shared the lessons they learned from mobilizing the Alliance Resiliency Project. They discussed possible structures that would allow agencies and organizations to manage flexible funding which helps support families by bridging the gaps created during times of crisis such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

Presenters were Martha Reeder, Alliance Senior Associate; Kara Georgi and LaCrisha Rose, Alliance Parent Partnership Associates and parent members of the Alliance National Parent Partnership Council (ANPPC); and Sandra Killett, a parent member of the Birth Parent National Network (BPNN).

Zoom Recording (52 minutes)

Parents Talk About the Alliance Resiliency Project

Children’s Trust Fund Alliance staff asked three parents to share what the Alliance Resiliency Project meant to them. Clips from the interviews were featured in the Alliance’s presentation at the Prevent Child Abuse America virtual conference in August.

Terecca DeFehr and Tiffany Csonka are regular participants in the Caring Conversations. Both were connected with a TouchPoint Parent for concrete and emotional support. Tecoria Jones is a TouchPoint Parent and shares how she grew in that role and also discusses the full project and the Caring Conversations in which she was a regular participant.

Terecaa DeFehr  – Participant in Caring Conversations (14:51 minutes)

Tiffany Csonka  – Participant in Caring Conversations (7:22 minutes)

Tecoria Jones – TouchPoint Parent (17:20 minutes)

CONVERSATIONS for a BETTER NORMAL: How the Protective Factors Can Help Navigate the COVID-19 Crisis

The Alliance introduces a new tool to help you facilitate conversations – in English or Spanish – about how the protective factors we have built can help us navigate the COVID-19 crisis. The tool is structured around the five protective factors, with questions focusing on each of the everyday actions. It is designed to help you create virtual conversations with parent groups, colleagues, community members and others. The questions were created by the Alliance National Parent Partnership Council (ANPPC) with input from other Alliance parent leaders and staff.

This suite of tools consists of:

  • Facilitator guide with instructions, questions and tips for the virtual conversation; the guide is set up as a fillable PDF form for easy use or can be downloaded if you prefer taking handwritten notes – ENGLISH or SPANISH
  • Participant worksheets for each protective factor; these are optional handouts and available as fillable PDF forms – ENGLISH or SPANISH
  • A link to a Google form where you can share the wisdom and stories gathered during your conversation.
  • PowerPoint with images that you can use or customize for your virtual conversation – ENGLISH or SPANISH

Parents Share Wisdom During Conversations

Because of the Conversations for a Better Normal tool, parent voices are being heard. Parent examples and stories have been gathered as participants shared their stories through a short and simple Google form. Click HERE to download some of the wisdom collected, and be inspired to hold your own conversations. It’s important to report back with the Google form to help influence policy policymakers and organizations who determine how best to use funding to support children and families.

Alliance Resources for Virtual Conversations

Children’s Trust Fund Alliance has many existing tools on our website that are adaptable to a virtual meeting environment. This index lists those resources with links to the website page or section where you can access them and a description for how each could work in a virtual conversation. The introduction also contains some tips conducting virtual meetings. Click HERE to access the PDF index with clickable links to these resources.

List of Recommended COVID-19 Resources

The Children’s Trust Fund Alliance collected these resources to share with colleagues and parents to help families stay strong during the Coronavirus pandemic. This list was shared with the Alliance’s Birth Parent National Network (BPNN) during a recent virtual Caring Conversation. Click HERE to access a PDF with clickable links to resources that may help with stress and more.