Birth and Foster Parent Partnership (BFPP)


An innovative approach, the BFPP is a partnership of parents who advocate for policy and practices that benefit children and families.

Partnering with Parents for Children and Families

The Birth and Foster Parent Partnership (BFPP) is an innovative approach that creates authentic partnerships among parents who advocate for policy and practices that benefit children and families. The BFPP is designed to further Casey Family Program’s (CFP’s) 2020 goals focused on the safe reduction of the number of youth in foster care. Its purpose is to increase coordination between birth parents and foster parent caregivers for improved permanency outcomes.

The partnership is managed through a collaboration between the Children’s Trust Fund Alliance (Alliance), Youth Law Center Quality Parenting Initiative (YLC/QPI) and CFP.

Responding to Family Needs During COVID-19

Many families across our nation are struggling during this COVID-19 pandemic. At the Children’s Trust Fund Alliance, we have spoken to parents who have lost their jobs, and are anxious about providing for their families. This pandemic has created a common denominator of stress and challenge for most families. The Children’s Trust Fund Alliance is working  tirelessly to provide information, support and opportunities for action to strengthen and promote the well-being of children, families and communities.

Help Us Make the Case for Continued Support

The pandemic is creating health and economic hardships for businesses, communities and families. At a time when there is such critical need at every turn, we need to make the case for additional support for children and families dealing with the challenges of COVID-19. Collecting and sharing the stories of families during the pandemic is one way to put a face on these real and everyday challenges to help systems leaders and policymakers prioritize the needs of families.We have created a short questionnaire to give families a way to share your stories with the media. The questionnaire is simple and submission will be followed up by a contact from the Alliance. Stories are powerful – so if you have a story to share or know of a family that you work with that might be willing to share their story, please complete the questionnaire HERE or share this link with others:




10 AM PT • 11 AM MT • 12 PM CT • 1 PM ET

Children’s Trust Fund Alliance is building a better normal by bringing together the powerful strengths within the Birth and Foster Parent Partnership (BFPP) and the Birth Parent National Network (BPNN). The Alliance is holding Caring Conversations every Monday to support us all and to facilitate our collective wisdom. Social connections are a powerful protective factor in our lives. However, because of the necessary social distancing to avoid the Coronavirus, it is easy to feel isolated. Through these virtual meetings, we can come together and share our experiences, successes and concerns.

Register HERE to participate in the next Caring Conversation.


New Tools to Build Birth and Foster Parent Relationships

Introducing two new resource tools – Birth and Foster Parent Partnership: A Relationship Building Guide and the Birth and Foster Parent Partnership: A State and Local Leader’s Guide to Building a Strong Policy and Practice Foundation – created by parents and partners within the Birth and Foster Parent Partnership (BFPP). The Executive Summary offers a quick overview of the two guides which provide valuable supports to help birth and foster parents, including kin, build strong relationships and help systems institute policies and practices to support these relationships. In addition, we created a one-page “user’s guide” for how child welfare agency leaders and staff may consider introducing and using the Birth and Foster Parent Partnership: A Relationship Building Guide.

These publications were created with parents, in collaboration with the Children’s Trust Fund Alliance, Youth Law Center’s Quality Parenting Initiative and Casey Family Programs. Together, we’ve been working to highlight and develop purposeful strategies for implementation by leaders and decision makers at local, state and federal levels. We collectively believe that children and youth will thrive when the important adults in their lives build relationships and agencies prioritize these relationships through culture, practice and policy. We believe that partnerships between birth parents and foster/resource parents should be instituted as best practices in every jurisdiction across the country.