Kara Georgi

Kara Georgi lives in Auburn, New York with her precious two children and her encouraging husband. After several years of teaching Pre-K to grade 6, she stepped out of the full-time classroom to raise her children.

Kara currently works under a federal grant as a parent education specialist for nine counties across Central New York helping families navigate the special education process. Prior to this she completed numerous Early Intervention Parent Trainings and New York State Partners in Policymaking to better educate herself about disability policy and how to share her testimony in a meaningful way. She also continues to raise awareness and support for families who have children with Sensory Processing Disorder.

In addition to her work, Kara continues to train and connect with communities about the Community Café approach and the protective factors. She has presented the last three years at the New York State Child Abuse Conference on the power of conversations in the cafés and how to partner with parents. She serves on many committees and works to try to help find bridges between programs so that parents can gain skills as leaders in their communities. One of her favorite committees is ABC Cayuga, a local initiative focused on children, birth to age 5. She works with them to support their social media content and to help create, establish and enhance the newly opened Play Space.

Kara also is an Alliance Certified Trainer for the Bringing the Protective Factors Framework to Life In Your Work. She has used the training in her home school district in work with the PTA, with hosting a school-wide Community Café with the staff and students and café nights for families. Currently, Kara is looking at ways she can bring the training to her local police department. She is passionate about the work and truly feels it is essential to see the value of the work in the everyday moments of everyone’s life. Kara has served for two years as the co-chair of the ANPPC and will continue in this role in the coming year.